Xiamen Giant Lin instrument Co., LTD.  Was founded in 2001 in Xiamen, specializing in the production of electronic weighing apparatus,laboratory precision balance products.After more than ten years of development, We  are proud to accomplish the advanced intelligentproduction skills., is the groundwork for further development of the company. In order to adapt to the development of the internet, thecompany start from the main traditional weighing machine to the intelligent industrial weighing transformation in 2012. In the early good preparation,the company entered a new stage of development. It has increased the investment in talent introduction, technological innovation and scientific research innovation, and promoted the brand publicity of CCTV in recent years. In order to respond to the call of "Internet plus" of China, the company marched into the weighing area of Internet artificial intelligence, successfully won the world's largest new business, “The intelligent garbage recycling classification weighing project”, opened up the area of Internet artificial intelligence weighing through this project, and ranked among the leading level in the industry Scale area.
      Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival,so we adhering to the Quality Policy of "Excellent Quality, Cooperative Strategy,Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction". We are also taking ISO90901: 2015 into our stander management.Environmental protection is the obligation of every one, so we adhering to the concept of“Environmental Protection、Prevention of Pollution、Energy of Saving、Continuous Improvement”. At the same time, we are also taking ISO14001: 2015 into our stander management.The intellectual property take a significant effect in developing of enterprise,,here we focus on the intellectual property management of Innovative consciousness and Value concept. We are also taking GB/T29490-2013 into our stander management.
     Now, the company has set up branches, offices and after-sales outlets in major cities across the country in China. At the same time, it is vigorously expanding the overseas market, and the product sells in distant markets more than 60 countries and the region, and obtains the customer's supports with high praise. In line with the principle of win-win cooperation and the development concept of integrity, complementarity, innovation and priority, Giant Lin Sakura will strive to build a modern enterprise with responsibility and make its due contribution to the manufacturing in China.


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ADDRESS:No.1588 Wuxian Road,Tongan District, Xiamen City, Fujian,China? ??
TEL:0592-5716119 ?



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